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Modern front door canopy designs are attractive and to enhance your properties first impression. Our range of front door canopy ideas includes all sorts of materials in all sorts of colours all designed to be both eye-catching and practical.

Our standard range of curved canopies have 950mm and 1420mm projections and they come in all sorts of widths the smallest available is 1500mm wide with extendable canopy starter kits and interlocking extensions to produce any width (modular). The extendable versions come in both the 950mm projection and the big1420 projection.

Our high-quality canopies come with glass, polycarbonate and coloured acrylic sheets with the support arms coming in a number of colours which includes white silver anthracite dark grey. Contemporary designs include curved and flat canopies perfect on commercial properties like a shop awnings office receptions schools hospitals warehouses etc.

You may need to roof a larger area or your front porch with a canopy with a bigger projection we have a range of canopies with a substantial 1.5m projection often used for properties where they may be a wheelchair user or perhaps parents with small children in prams or as a shop canopy,

Big entrance porch canopies also come in various choices of width again with an extendable canopy for commercial use which is often specified by architects for the impact of the sheet colour options.

Stainless steel support structures are available and quite popular amongst new build contractors as a finishing touch to the properties appearance.

Powder-coated long-life frames which are resistant to corrosion and more traditional come in white silver and anthracite grey some are also glazed with long life polycarbonate sheet. Anthracite RAL 7016 is a very popular choice above anthracite single doors or anthracite french doors.

In our wide variety, we also carry a range of glass canopies which can make a big improvement in the appearance of your front door. Glass supplied is safety glass as standard Stainless and aluminium can be great matched up with chrome or graphite door hardware and the anthracite canopies are a blend with anthracite composite doors.

Large contracts for multiple site houses can normally be produced to order and delivered in around 6 weeks bulk purchase discounts are available for canopy purchases of ten or more units some of the canopies when produced in large numbers can be made to measure. RAL colour matching is also possible when required by special order

stainless Steel Door Canopy

Technical Specifications

  • Door Canopies are produced with stainless aluminium and steel arms
  • Glazing options include acrylic polycarbonate and glass
  • Projections are approx 900mm and 1500mm
  • Some canopies have led lights available to enhance the night time look
  • Canopy Options
  • Glass | Extendable | Extra Large | Arched | Curved

Delivery Times

Most door canopies are available from stock and will arrive within 48 hours however if the canopy is not in stock they may take longer to arrive to check your delivery time call 01179 714433

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