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  • 1800 Exclusive Line Door Canopy - White
      White Door Canopy 1800 Powder Coated White Door Canopy The first impression of any property forms the basis for its character. In the past canopies and door, awnings have been manufactured with bulky materials which although they served there purpose did little or nothing for the ap..
    £298.99£358.80 Ex Tax: £249.16
  • Light Grey Door Canopy - 1800 Exclusive Line
    Slate Grey Door Canopy 1800 Light Grey   The Exclusive Line Door Canopy 1800mm wide to cover single doors and side panels. The canopy comes with a matching light grey front aluminium gutter which also acts as a front fascia. This canopy matches with Homeline slate grey fascias and sof..
    £298.99£358.80 Ex Tax: £249.16
  • 1800 Exclusive Line Door Canopy Dark Grey Anthracite
      Anthracite Door Canopy Dark Grey 7016 1800 wide 7016 Dark grey our most popular door canopy today. Sold for refurbishment work and new build housing sites anthracite grey matches door and windows in the same colour. The 1800 wide canopy is perfect above a single door with a side pane..
    £298.99£358.80 Ex Tax: £249.16
  • Door canopy 1800
    Description Easy top Door Canopy 1800mm wide designed for use above 1500mm wide french doors or single doors with side panels. The clear sheet has been heated and bent to for bothe the front gutter and the rear flashing which makes this canopy very unobtrusive. Size: 1800 x 900mm Cost-eff..
    £298.99£358.80 Ex Tax: £249.16
  • Pro Pitched Door Canopy 2480 x 910 Clear with White Frame
    V shape pitched over door canopy a white powder coated frame with stainless steel end caps. Stunning design to enhance any entrance   White frame door canopy acrylic sheets. Dimensions 2480 x 910mm Colour : Whitel Frame / Clear Acrylic ..
    £1,440.00£1,784.39 Ex Tax: £1,200.00